A C2P Story: Pedro Clavero

Pedro Clavero is a wedding, fashion and event management company that has been in business for close to 30 years. They are headquartered in Spain, but have offices all over the world, and help clients globally with their event management and fashion design needs.

Pedro Clavero is an international brand that started off in the wedding designing and decorating niche. The company was founded in 1993 and has offices located across Spain, Italy, Asia and North America. They currently employ 200+ people and hold partnerships with many big name companies like Ferrero Rocher & Grupo Zucar!

When Pedro Clavero entered the market, there were limited online options available so they had to rely on third party distributors to sell their products and services internationally. This was costly because the distributor took an extra percentage of each sale as their commission. It was hard to keep track of all distributors that had access to Pedro Clavero’s catalog of products too! That means that if one distributor didn’t work out, Pedro Clavero would lose many of their international sales!

In 2007, Pedro Clavero started getting more and more international press from some of their events and fashion design. They were approached by some distributors to carry some of their products for sale on their website as a way to generate more revenue. Unfortunately it wasn’t as simple as copy and pasting product listings from Pedro Clavero catalog. Each distributor wanted different presentation formats for each product, with different images and prices. Even the country specific tax codes had to be added manually too! Every new simplified wholesale portal they made was a separate project, which cost them time & money every time a new one was created!

In conjunction with Coin2Play, Pedro Clavero has begun to integrate the new blockchain-based payment system into their e-commerce and online web sales. This has allowed them to directly accept payments from customers without going through a third party distributor, which helped them save time and money!

Pedro Clavero can now focus more of their efforts on their core business activities of designing fashion clothing & decorating venues for weddings!

Coin2Play is helping many other types of businesses improve productivity by accepting online payments globally. Some of these companies have multiple international offices that are located all over the world, just like Pedro Clavero! They are able to accept easy-to-understand Coin2Play Tokens as payment for online purchases immediately. Using blockchain technology helps many global companies reduce costs associated with handling multiple transactions between different currencies safely & securely.

Not leaving out their vast network of distributors and agents, C2P is also working with many of Pedro Clavero’s network to help them reduce their overall costs associated with financial transactions as well.

C2P CEO, Willy Darlot shares “It is always a pleasure to see our technology be applied in innovative ways with companies like Pedro Clavero. With Coin2Play, we are helping businesses all over the world accept online payments from their customers and suppliers more efficiently!”

Coin2Play now has over 500 companies signed up as clients, ranging from event planners to mining equipment distributors and from online gambling websites to therapists taking payments for online bookings.

More About Coin2Play:  

Coin2Play is an innovative blockchain-based payment platform created for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that want to accept online crypto payments by using secure digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The company aims to provide a simple and cost-effective way of accepting local and international fiat currency for products and services globally while converting the equivalent value into cryptocurrencies instantaneously at the moment of purchase. By doing so, they are able to reduce banking transaction fees & processing time associated with accepting credit card or debit card transactions – which can be costly due to cross-border transaction fees!

By making it easier for businesses to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, Coin2Play is accelerating the way we use digital currencies.

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